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How simple content strategies and effective activation can transform the customer experience.


We are living in the most over-stimulated, distracted era humanity has ever known.

The average person checks their phone every 7 minutes – about 150 times a day. We crave the quick hit of feeling connected, of being liked, of not missing out. Yet, in the attention economy, we also know how people invest their time.

On average, people use 27 apps a month. But 80% of the time is spent on just 5 apps. They visit about 100 websites a month, but just 4 or 5 sites account for 44% of the dwell time.

It’s the noisiest, most competitive media environment imaginable. So getting attention and gaining engagement is tough. Very tough.

But we do know what people like to look at and read about: Animals, Babies, Cars, Celebrities, Disasters,
Entertainment, Fashion, Money, Sex, Sports, War, Weddings

As the internet proves,
very little has changed

The foregoing list actually comes from Alastair Crompton’s brilliant 1979 book ‘The Craft of Copywriting’.

Doesn’t it look a bit like your Facebook feed?

Tragically, in marketing, some products are less cute than cats.

(And many fine brands are of limited interest to anyone who isn’t in the market for them at that moment.)

So, rather than discuss your product, there’s a temptation to talk to consumers about the stuff they’re already interested in.

This hope for ‘borrowed interest’ seems like a basic mistake – as if standing a jar of coffee next to a pint of milk will make you a latte.


The real task is to uncover what’s interesting – not necessarily about your product itself – but about the strange factual and emotional landscape in which your brand and users connect.

So what’s the answer to the content conundrum?

We all agree that great content marketing is foundational to all marketing these days.

But how can you focus your efforts and streamline your investment to ensure that your content cuts through effectively?

How can you dramatise how your brand resonates in customers’ lives and helps them achieve their goals?

In brief, to show your brand’s relevance, showmanship is what you need.